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Demonstrator #1

A Blockchain Platform for Food Supply Chain Systems that uses DNA fingerprinting aiming at the PDO/PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil Authenticity Validation

Providing end-to-end DNA-based traceability in olive oil using Blockchain technology. Strengthening the bonds of trust among involved actors and communicating to the consumers the value of transparency from the field to the bottle’s content.

Demonstrator #2

Improve overall safety, performance and sustainability efficiency with increased Traceability

Supporting PDO Feta Cheese value chain in Greece, addressing critical challenges each step of the value chain to combat dairy product adulteration.

Demonstrator #3


Supporting healthy bee populations, sustainable beekeeping and pollination across Europe. Exploiting sustainable practices to fight fraud using blockchain.

Demonstrator #4


Prevention of food fraud in PGI Faba beans through authentication using NIR and HSI technologies.

Demonstrator #5


Eliminating food fraud in PGI Lika potatoes.

Demonstrator #6


Detect pesticide traces in mislabelled organic Pasta products through assessment of chemical residues.

Demonstrator #7


Improve traceability system and monitoring of quantities and origin of PDO Arilje Raspberries, by integrating fast, accurate and low-cost techniques for physio-chemical characterization of the product into digitalized Blockchain-enabled FSCs.